Matthew Charles Wilson
Assistant Professor of Political Science
West Virginia University







Image: Oaxaca, Mexico (2013)

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I received my Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University and I am proud to be a faculty member in the Department of Political Science at West Virginia University.  I am also currently a visiting researcher with the Varieties of Democracy Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden.   I am interested in the interactions of autocratic leaders and institutions, particularly with regard to regime change and conflict outcomes.   My focus on regimes deals with literature on sources of regime instability and democratic transitions, which are particularly salient issues in the developing world.   Some of the courses that I have taught include theoretical approaches to studying dictatorship, Comparative Politics, and governments in Latin America.  As a comparativist scholar, I have a special interest in the politics of Latin America and in historical development.  My profile focuses on comparative political institutions and includes advanced skills in quantitative methods and additional languages.  I also have a passion for international travel and language; I have traveled to nearly fifty countries and hope to add many more experiences to the list in the near future.