Matthew Charles Wilson
Associate Professor of Political Science
University of South Carolina







Image: Manarola, Italy (2010)

Scholars have pointed out a need in the ongoing work on authoritarian institutions to cultivate a focus that is more sensitive to how institutions form and change.  In support of this effort, my research is concerned with institution-building and political trajectories. My focus on comparative political institutions aims to develop concrete explanations for the causes and processes of state development, based on expectations regarding individual agency, costs and benefits, and incentive structures.  One goal of comparative institutional research is to identify and conceptualize institutions in authoritarian regimes. In some of my research, I compared extant typologies of authoritarian regime types to identify their strengths and weaknesses with regard to measurement validity.  My research also supports the use of institutionally similar 'types' to explain the relationship between institutions and political outcomes—such as terrorism and expropriation—, which is a second goal in institutional research.  There is also a renewed focus in the literature on the temporal mechanisms and pathways by which institutions affect outcomes. To this end, my research focuses on developing methodologies for testing arguments about the sequential impact of institutions and events.  

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Research Articles

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Book Contributions

Blanchard, Bühlmann,
  and Gauthier 2014

           Goetz 2019


(with Haakon Gjerløw
and other co-authors)

Research Interests

Comparative Politics/IR:
Varieties of Authoritarianism
Comparative Institutions
Civil Conflict

Political Methodology:
Quantitative Methods
Time Dependence
Sequence Analysis
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